A Buyer’s Guide to Golf Clubs

Getting golf clubs can be a nerve-racking undertaking. People find the number of different clubs to choose from so confusing that some of them end up quitting before buying. This kind of reaction is understandable.

Most people who want to play the sport are just too anxious to get things done right. They feel that it takes just too much effort to buy the right clubs.

The truth is that buying clubs doesn’t have to be too difficult. People just need a little bit of guidance in order to put them on the right track. Here is a short buyer’s guide for golf clubs:

Knowing the different clubs

Golf Clubs A Buyer’s Guide to Golf ClubsThe reason why a lot of people find it difficult to buy clubs is because of all the different ones they can see. Finding the right club to buy can be made a lot easier by learning that there are different types of clubs out there.

Clubs are typically designated as wedges, irons, putters, and hybrids. Each of them is essential to any golfer’s arsenal. Taking the time to learn what each of them is for can prove to be very advantageous for anyone who wants to take the game seriously. Learning the different types of golf clubs won’t just improve a man’s game, but also his ability to buy them.

Those who can’t take the time to study them can always walk into a brick and mortar golf store and ask the staff for help.

Deciding on which clubs to buy

Deciding on which club to buy is easy. First, a person has to decide on whether or not he plans to take the game seriously. If yes, then buying a good set right off the bat will be a terrific idea. A word of caution though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a person should start buying the same clubs that the pros use.

People really need to think things through. Spending a ton of money on the best clubs money can’t buy is not the answer. A self-assessment first needs to be made. Again, a brick and mortar store is a very good idea. This is because the staff can help people find the right set of clubs for them and assess which ones will be an excellent fit.

Is going secondhand a good idea?

Getting golf clubs secondhand is not as bad of an idea as most people think. People can still get good clubs by buying used ones from the internet or a store. Sure, they may not be brand new, but for those who just plan to play the game to try out this might very well be the best option available.

The internet is probably the best place to start. There are plenty of websites out there that sell secondhand clubs. These websites, at least the reputable ones, have a team that inspects the clubs to see if they’re still fit for use. Their standards are very strict and rigid so people can rest easy knowing that they’re not buying something that’ll break the moment it hits the ball.

Where to buy clubs

People are basically left with two options. They can either buy clubs from the internet or they can get them from a brick and mortar store. Each has its own advantage.

Buying from a brick and mortar store means that a person can easily find a good club. Store employees will recommend clubs that are a good fit. Buying from the internet means that a person can browse through different stores without having to leave the comfort of their home. Furthermore, buying from the internet has the advantage of making it easier to find cheap golf clubs.


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Getting golf clubs can be a nerve-racking undertaking. People find the number of different clubs to choose from so confusing that some of them end up quitting before buying. This kind of reaction is understandable.

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How Long Island Homes for Sale by Owner Functions

The old practice in selling houses was to get the assistance of a licensed real estate broker. Today, buyers are becoming wiser by purchasing houses directly from the owners so as not to pay a broker’s fee and save on money. According to statistics, in 2006, seven percent of homeowners sold their houses without assistance from an agent. If one is looking for a house to buy in New York, he must try the FSBO market because it can be both appealing and financially rewarding. Here is how Long Island homes for sale by owner functions.

The process of FSBO or for sale by owner has benefits both for the home owner and the buyer. The owner does not pay a real estate agent a seller’s fee which can save him five to ten percent from the selling price. This means a savings of thousands of dollars. He can directly communicate with the buyer. The latter on the other hand can bargain for a better price when he negotiates directly with the current home owner.

Real Estate How Long Island Homes for Sale by Owner FunctionsThere are millions of house owners who are able to sell their houses annually. They know their property’s worth based on their investment on it, the real estate taxes they paid and their home owner’s insurance. Those who sell their houses without the help of an agent shall not pay commission unless the buyer is represented by an agent. If this is the case, the seller has to pay the agent of the buyer a finder’s fee for bringing him the purchaser.

There are also legal costs in the Long Island homes for sale by owner transaction because lawyers are usually present to give advice as well as prepare the required legal contracts for the completion of the sale.

Home owners selling their houses without the aid of a real estate agent must have an attractive price to attract plenty of potential buyers. Once the buyer expresses his interest in the house, the seller should ask for the pre-approval letter issued by the bank or lender. If he gets an offer, he must decide on his price as well as the terms of sale. The buyer should then have a real estate agent or a lawyer to come up with an offer along with a resulting sales agreement.

The lawyer hired by the seller must check all the contracts and offers. Everything must be in writing because verbal agreements are not considered valid. The seller should also ask the buyer for a deposit and this is usually not less than one percent from the buying price and not below $1,000. Should the deal push through, the money shall be deducted from the price. If however, contingencies mentioned in the offer will not be met, the amount deposited shall be given back to the buyer.

It is a must for the seller to give prospective buyers a written disclosure the purpose of which is to make known the property’s condition. This must include past damage which the owner is aware of. Once the buyer signs this statement, he acknowledges receipt even if the disclosure is not really a warranty nor is it a substitute for whatever kind of inspection which he may ask for as the sales contract’s contingency.

A number of buyers are now opting for Long Island homes for sale by owner due to the savings they will get and the easier procedure it entails.

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If you plan on selling your property in Long Island, you may want to hire a listing agent to make the whole transaction more convenient. For more details visit li realestatefinder

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